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Unlike these fossils, our packaging won't stick around for long

First thing's first  YES our packaging is plant-based and 100% compostable. NO that does not mean you can throw it on the ground and it'll disappear. Always remember to leave no trace and find the proper place to dispose of your waste. Always think sustainably.

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Now that we have that out of the way, let's learn how to compost.


All our packaging is certified 100% Industrial Compostable.

This means that if your neighborhood or region has a public or private composting program or facility, you can send our packaging to them and they'll turn it back into dirt in no time!

Click here to find a composting facility near you.



Because of the great variance in the types home composters, it's difficult to obtain a certification and guarantee that our packaging will compost properly at home. Industrial composting facilities have to abide by strict standards and are able to generate the consistent heat that is required to reliably break down compostable packaging.

If you’d like to try to compost our packaging yourself, keep in mind that you may not be able to generate the consistent heat required to break it down unless given close attention, effort, and consideration.



When compared to the plastic wrappers used by most snack bar companies which can stay in landfills for centuries, our plant-based compostable packaging will break down when composted to help reduce our impact on the planet. 

Our individual bar wrappers are 90% plant-based and are made with virgin paper and wood cellulose from sustainably managed forests along with a bioplastic made from sugarcane.

All the individual materials are compostable including the adhesive and ink. This structure is substantiated ASTM D6868 Industrial Compostable. The ink is both home and industrial compostable, Certified to the EU standard, EN 13432. Packaging is non-recyclable.

Granola bars lined up

Our bites pouches are 51% plant based and are made with wood cellulose from sustainably managed forests, as well as a bioplastic partially made from corn. 

All the individual materials are certified compostable including the adhesive and ink. The films and adhesive are Industrial Certified to the US standard, ASTM D6400. The ink is both home and industrial Certified to the EU standard, EN 13432. Packaging is non-recyclable.

Granola bites with superior nutrition

We appreciate you helping to contribute to a healthier planet!


*In our pursuit to find the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials, BAR-U-EAT will constantly reevaluate our packaging and seek out new sustainable materials as they become available.