About Us

Original bar overlooking mountains

Our Values

We believe that living an active life outdoors is a life well worth living and at the center of that is staying healthy. That's why we've created a bar that uses simple, whole, and organic ingredients that you can read and recognize. No need to worry about artificial preservatives or pesticides here! We give your body the fuel it needs as nature intended. 

As outdoor advocates, we also recognize the need to fundamentally change the way business is currently practiced. From the start, we've invested a lot into sustainable practices from using plant-based compostable packaging, to consciously sourcing our ingredients, and everything in between.

We proudly donate 1% of all our revenue to environmental non-profits through 1% for the Planet, have partnered with Friends of the YampaRoutt County Riders, The Cycle Effect, Illini 4000, Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, Rescue Project, and sponsor a number of rad athletes who do rad things!

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Sam Nelson guiding in Iceland

Our Story

While working as a guide in the West Fjords of Iceland, Sam came across a nutrition bar, hand made by a local cafe that he took with him everywhere. These bars consistently delivered the nutrition he needed for his long treks and tasted better than any packaged bar he had ever had.

When Sam ultimately settled down in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, he was more active than ever and needed a quick snack to help keep him going, but was unhappy with the options at his local stores.

He thought back to the bars that he would get in Iceland and decided to create a recipe of his own, using only organic ingredients. What he came up with was a bar that has lightly roasted oats, nuts and seeds and is bound by Medjool dates and honey.

After years of making these delicious snacks for himself, his life-long friend, Jason convinced him that the rest of the world needed to taste these bars so together, they founded BAR-U-EAT. 

Sam Nelson and Jason Friday in Iceland

Sam (left) and Jason (right) enjoying a break trekking the Westfjords of Iceland.

Our Name

When Sam first dreamt up the recipe for his oats, nuts, and seeds bar, he had no idea what to call it. Thus, he went on an adventure all over the world trying to find inspiration for the perfect name. He searched the fjords of Iceland, the rivers of Patagonia, and even briefly studied the little known language of Penguin.

Despite his efforts, he came back home to Steamboat Springs, CO nameless and close to defeat. However, on one particularly amazing pow day, Sam was crushing pillows through Steamboat’s world class glades and always ended up at his favorite 2 person lift.

As he sat on the lift, warm and out of the sharp winters wind, he whipped out one of his organic home-made bars and started munching away. It was right then that Sam realized that he never needed to learn penguin because the name had been right under him all along. BAR-U-EAT was born at that very moment on the Bar UE chairlift.

BAR UE chairlift at Steamboat

Bar UE chairlift base sign