You don’t have to hike in Chacos or live in a van to eat our bars… but it’s worth a try.

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PLASTIC SUCKS. That's why we use compostable packaging made from sustainably managed wood and corn. So rest easy and know that your love for granola bars finally isn't at odds with your granola lifestyle.

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  • Soy-Free

  • Dairy-Free

  • Oil-Free

  • No Artificial

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  • All-Natural

Ingredients U Know

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Ingredients U Know

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We do more than just taste good...

  • Clean

    You might be wondering if this means we shower... We do. We also make all our products in our own facility so we can do things the right way — without oils, preservatives, or anything artificial.

  • Sustainable

    Our snacks come in plant-based compostable wrappers, made from sustainably-managed sources. Why? Because plastic sucks and we give a s#!t about the planet.

  • Energy

    Don't call us an energy bar, but we use simple, easily-digestible organic ingredients that will keep you running longer. That means sustained energy without the crash.

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Ever Lived Without Water?

We haven't and hope we never have to. That's why 1% of all our sales go towards protecting water ecosystems through Friends of the Yampa.

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Leave that Carbon Machine Parked

There's adventure just outside your door so instead of driving to work or the trailhead, just walk, run, or bike there. The #CarFreeChallenge will give you a big pat on the back for your efforts.

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This Is Your Brain On Food

Eating for health is the name of the game, and BAR-U-EAT has you covered. Read the article to learn more about the health benefits of BUE ingredients.
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