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Ashley Carelock on her bike in the forest

Ashley Wedelich

Ultra Endurance Cyclist | Dolores, CO

Favorite Flavor: Oatmeal Raisin

Tell Us About Yourself

I jumped on a mountain bike for the first time in late November of 2013, after moving to Southwest Colorado. I didn’t know it at the time, but that one decision completely changed my life. I became instantly hooked to the technique, thrills and culture that surrounds the sport. I am grateful for the people that cycling has brought into my life and I hope everyone else is as blessed by it as I am.

I have always been an ambitious, and I love the feeling of competition. I decided to enter my first big bike race on a whim in the winter of 2015: the Silverton Whiteout. A ten hour fat bike race sounded like a great way to spend my day. I won first place solo female, and actually beat the second place man by a few minutes. This was the beginning of something huge for me. I relished in the excitement of the win, but I found myself craving the euphoria of the actual race even more. While I enjoy the pressure of competition, I also find a sense of strength from big solo adventures in the mountains and deserts of Southwest Colorado and Utah. I am hoping in the years to come to broaden my horizons and increase the depths of my riding experience.

What's One Thing That You Think Everyone Should Try Once?

I think everybody should try riding hundreds (or more ;0) ) miles in one go. Even if it takes them weeks or months to complete it.


  1. 2018 Colorado Trail Race- 1st
  2. 2018 - 24 Hours of Old Pueblo- 3rd
  3. 2019 12 Hours of Mesa Verde- 1st
  4. 2019 Across Andes- 1st
  5. 2020 Fat Bike Worlds - 1st
  6. 2020 Arkansas High Country Race - 1st
  7. 2021 12 Hours of Frog Hollow- 1st
  8. 2022 Silverton Whiteout- 1st
  9. 2022 East Texas Showdown- 1st
  10. 12 Hours of Mesa Verde- 1st

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