BAR-U-EAT: A Colorado Brand Redefining Snacking

BAR-U-EAT: A Colorado Brand Redefining Snacking

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"Get to Know BAR-U-EAT and find excellent way to treat yourself right after Global Wellness Day

The days that passed following Global Wellness Days served as the perfect occasion to reflect on health and well-being. This year, why not mark the day by trying out a product that embodies wellness and sustainability? BAR-U-EAT, a thriving Colorado-based brand that is redefining healthy snacking with its delicious and nutritious granola bars comes to mind almost immediately.

BAR-U-EAT, A Bar-To-Try

Founded by childhood friends Sam Nelson and Jason Friday, BAR-U-EAT emerged from a shared vision to create a healthier, more sustainable snack option. Sam’s inspiration came during his days as a sea kayaking and trekking guide in Iceland, where he discovered a handmade energy bar that became his favorite snack. Unable to find a similar product upon returning to Steamboat Springs, CO, he decided to craft his own using simple, wholesome ingredients. With Jason’s marketing expertise, BAR-U-EAT officially launched in October 2019, quickly gaining a reputation for its commitment to quality and sustainability."

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