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BAR-U-EAT Now Available At City Market and King Soopers

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July 18, 2023

Contact: Jason Friday

Steamboat Springs, CO — When BAR-U-EAT Co-Founder, Sam Nelson started selling his homemade granola bars out of a mason jar in a paddleboard shop, he had no idea how quickly his better tasting, better-for-you snacks would take off. In just over 3.5 years since the company’s founding, BAR-U-EAT has gotten into retailers in 29 states, built their own production facility and warehouse in Hayden, Colorado, and has just landed placement in City Market and King Soopers.

“We feel so honored that City Market and King Soopers have given us the opportunity to bring our bars to people all across the state. They do such an amazing job of representing small Coloradan businesses like ourselves, we can’t wait to see what comes of this partnership”, said Nelson. “We’re just a bunch of mountain town people who have a cliché passion for granola and the outdoors so we’re beyond stoked to have the opportunity for more people to try our products.”

The company believes that their secret sauce lies in their decision to make their bars in-house in rural Colorado. “By doing everything in house, it has helped us have control over production so we can ensure that we’re using the highest quality, whole ingredients — you won’t see anything that you don’t recognize in our bars — no preservatives, oils, or additives. We’re also able to use our plant-based compostable wrappers which are the first BPI certified Compostable bar wrappers in the world and provide sustainable jobs in our community. We’re extremely proud of that”, said Sam’s Co-Founder, Jason Friday. 

If you’d like to purchase BAR-U-EAT bars, you'll be able to find them starting to roll out on the City Market and King Soopers shelves in the “Colorado Proud” sections throughout the Summer.

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If you would like more information on BAR-U-EAT and their products, please contact Jason Friday at 703.609.6695 or email

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