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BAR-U-EAT to Open Manufacturing and Distribution Facility

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Contact: Jason Friday

BAR-U-EAT seeks to bring sustainability and jobs to Northwest Colorado through their new manufacturing and distribution facility.

Steamboat Springs, CO — BAR-U-EAT, an organic granola bar company based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is opening a manufacturing and distribution facility in neighboring Hayden, seeking to bring living-wage jobs and sustainability to the area. The facility comes as the next big step towards BAR-U-EAT’s goal of bringing delicious yet healthy snacks to the world all while being relentlessly committed to sustainability.

Co-Founders Sam Nelson and Jason Friday see the new facility as an opportunity to provide a region typically associated with the tourism and coal industries with reliable, living-wage jobs. Shortly after the pair started BAR-U-EAT, the pandemic hit the US which they said exposed a lot of the volatility of their local economy. “Our goal has always been to stay here as opposed to moving to some major city. We want to be a staple of the community, contribute, and help the Yampa Valley thrive”, Nelson said, “plus, the values and outdoor lifestyle engrained in this area are central to who we are as a company.”

BAR-U-EAT plans to take their facility off the grid and power it by renewables such as solar and wind energy. They are also looking into water collection and grey water treatment to make what they say will be one of the most sustainable snack manufacturing facilities in the world. “We think it’d be an awesome commentary on where things are headed in the future to have a sustainable facility, making sustainable snacks, in sustainable packaging, all within a transitioning coal community”, said Friday.

BAR-U-EAT wants to prove to businesses around the world that sustainability and profits aren’t two diametrically opposed concepts. “When you do things such as invest in renewables, your long-term expenses go down”, said Friday, “which is just one example of how sustainable practices are not only great for the environment, but how they can be great for your bottom line.”

While the company is eager to get to work, they aren’t projecting to get up and fully operational in their new facility until April of 2022. “This is a huge step for us, so we want to make sure that we’re doing everything the right way”, said Nelson. The company is in the process of purchasing all the equipment necessary to form and package their bars as well as make some minor renovations to the building before they can start production. Currently, BAR-U-EAT consists of just the two co-founders, but they are looking to add 10-12 jobs to their payroll over the next 2 years.