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Who is The Chilean Mango?

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If you've been in Steamboat for a little while or have spent time at the resort (especially on blower days), odds are you've seen Vicente Katz, AKA, The Chilean Mango out there spreading the stoke and getting after it. He's got an artistic style that is grabbing the attention of photographers, brands, and people hanging out at the bottom of pillow lines. Besides being "the most stoked skier on the mountain", he's also a super nice dude... we wanted to catch up with him and ask him 10 questions about his ski background, goals, dreams, and interests.

Vicente Katz aka. The Chilean Mango

Q. Where were you born?
A. Santiago, Chile

Q. How'd you make your way to Steamboat Springs? 
A. I wanted to become a backcountry ski guide and professional skier all the while getting a 4 year bachelors degree. I found CMC and their Ski & Snowboard program and that immediately hooked me. Best decision I ever made!!

Q. Where did you learn to ski, and what is your ski background? Racing? etc?
A. I learned to ski in Chile, mainly in Chillan a ski resort in the south of Chile. My dad was a racer and taught us how to ski with that in mind, the option for me to go race was always there, but my desire for exploring the rest of the mountain far surpassed my desire to compete. 

Q. What places have you skied other than Steamboat Springs? What are some of your fav's?
A. I have been lucky enough to ski in Kiroro, Japan and that is hands down my favorite place to visit and ski. Not only is the snow incredibly deep and amazing, finishing the day eating sushi/ramen and soaking in the hot springs is hard to beat! 

Q. What is your favorite style of terrain to ski? and where? In bounds, sidecounty, backcountry? 
A. Would definitely say that powder skiing is my favorite, wherever I can find it. Whether it be hiking in the sidecountry off the resort, spinning some laps on a chair, or skinning if there is powder and rocks to jump off, you can count me in to spread the stoke!!

Q. Do you compete? What do you consider yourself to be? Professional freeskier? What are your goals and aspirations? 
A. Competing is not something I am seeking out, my ideal is filming videos/movies and going out to shoot pictures. As of this year I would call myself a professional freeskier for the first time and not an amateur. Mainly because I secured my first couple of spreads in magazines and am now being supported to a higher degree by my sponsors to ski and provide content for them, but my official title is Professional Provider of Stoke.
I want to grace the cover of some of the biggest magazines in the industry like Freeskier Magazine and Powder Magazine.
My other big aspiration is to spend the winter filming for edits and movies. Production companies like MSP and Wiley Miller would be the absolute dream and I will pursue that with everything I have. Another big aspiration would be to officially become a fully sponsored The North Face athlete.

Q. Who are your sponsors? What's your current daily driver setup? Any other must have gear that you're digging? 
A. My main sponsors are Folsom Custom Skis, Pret Helmets, BAR-U-EAT, Grass Sticks, Lost Range CBD, Zeal Optics and I have recently started working with Point6.
My daily driver is a Folsom Primary 105 with custom graphics designed by me mounted with Marker Griffons. Folsom makes high quality and durable skis, these particular skis are very versatile and can crush anything from groomers to slush bumps deep powder and more. Having a pair of skis that allows you to confidently attack the mountain is so incredibly important and Folsom does that for me with every pair of skis they build. Honestly even though I'm not sponsored by TNF their outerwear is hands down the best in the industry and I don't trust anything else to keep me warm, dry, comfortable and looking fresh!

Freeride Skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO
Q. What's the #1 ski destination on your bucket list? 

A. Mica heli skiing in BC would be my dream trip, such a legendary spot and has been the home of so many amazing movie segments in the industry.

Q. What do you do in the offseason for fun? What other sports?
A. I love to mountain bike in the offseason, its a great way to stay in shape and also get my adrenaline fix during the dry months! It strangely feels a lot like skiing.

Chilean Mango Getting Ready To Let Er Rip

BONUS QUESTION - What is your favorite BAR-U-EAT flavor?
A. Peanuts N' Cherries without any doubt!!!
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