Liv Pluhar of Buena Vista

UAC Spotlight: Liv Pluhar - Livin La Vida Buena Vista!

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Where do you live currently? How long have you lived there? Do you like it?
I currently live in Buena Vista, Colorado. I moved to BV this past October on a year off from college and can't see myself leaving anytime soon. The people, town, and surrounding mountains make me love living here. When I am not working, I like to trail run, paddle board, hike, snowshoe, and camp. I try and make an effort to get outside and sweat every day, and living here makes that an adventure. 

Liv Pluhar Buena Vista CO

Tell us about your interests and hobbies? What do you like to do for fun?
And how did you find BAR-U-EAT? What's your favorite flavor?
I am a plant-based eater and love cooking to fuel all these adventures. That is why I got so excited when I found BAR-U-EAT at a local co-op here in BV. I was looking at all the bar's ingredient lists on the shelf and was frustrated that the majority had so much crap in them until I came across BAR-U-EAT. I was stunned that their ingredient list was solely natural plant-based stuff. So I love BAR-U-EAT because they use natural plant-based ingredients, the packaging is plant-based compostable, and the bars are the best I've tasted. My favorite flavor is the coffee pecan

Liv Pluhar

If you could travel anywhere in the world, and do anything, where and what would it be?
If I could travel anywhere in the world and do whatever, I would hike the Dolomites, Tour Du Mont Blanc, and explore the Himalayas. 

What is a cause that means a lot to you?
I went vegan almost five years ago, advocating for animal rights. The meat industry can treat animals horribly, and I feel too bad participating in that and eating them, so I stick to plants and love them. 

Liv Pluhar

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Thanks for the time Liv! 
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