Backcountry Skiing Alta Utah

Zen And The Art Of Backcountry Skiing

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“Funny how things change as you get a little older; add kids into the mix, take on more responsibility with work, volunteering, etc. Suddenly, what becomes more important is time.

I simply want more time.

So naturally, I try to find myself in places where time slows down. For me, spending time in the backcountry is where I get to let my mind wander and leave things behind. The rhythm in the skin-track, putting one ski in front of the other, over and over is therapeutic —it is my Zen place.

While the backcountry is wild and full of risks, it’s a safe-space for me where I get to reflect and reset. I can run a quick audit on how I am doing as a husband and father, how I am doing at taking care of my family, my friends and myself. And while I’m a far cry from perfect, something about being out there helps put things in perspective and reassures me that I’ve got everything I need and am doing OK.”-Mike Schneider

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