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Delicious, Simple, Nutrition - A Nutritionist’s Review of BAR-U-EAT

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By Courtney VanTubbergen, CMNT

In the world of nutrition, finding a genuinely healthy and natural energy bar can be a challenge. It seems every bar I pick up has numerous processed ingredients, and though they may meet the demands of the latest macronutrient trend, I feel that actual real food is more beneficial for humans. I am pleased to find that BAR-U-EAT (a small, local business, to boot!) has risen to the occasion, offering a range of energy bars that not only taste fantastic but also prioritize clean and simple ingredients!


These bars are quite delicious. The organic medjool dates, thick rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and honey create a deliciously wholesome flavor that feels like a homemade treat. They are a great blend of hearty, chewy, and just sweet enough without going overboard. The ‘Original’ flavor captures the essence of homemade oatmeal, with the natural sweetness of dates and honey. ‘Peanuts n’ Cherries’ provides a delightful combination of peanuttiness and tart and sweet cherries, while ‘Oatmeal Raisin’ stands out with its rich cinnamon flavor. ‘Coffee Pecan’ adds a unique twist, with the crunch of coffee beans and the subtle warmth of vanilla.


The combination of organic ingredients in BAR-U-EAT’s energy bars contributes to a well-balanced nutritional profile. The use of real food ingredients ensures a steady release of energy along with the naturally occurring fibers, minerals, and nutrients. Medjool dates provide natural sweetness and energy along with fiber and minerals like magnesium and iron, while oats offer complex carbohydrates for sustained energy. Nuts and seeds bring in more minerals like zinc, as well as essential fats and protein, creating a satisfying and nourishing snack. The absence of ingredients like seed oils, glycerin, syrups, soy, preservatives and other ingredients that turn a wholesome granola bar into a bonafide ultra processed ‘food’ is really commendable. The ingredients in these bars are all in my kitchen (or have been recently). As a mom, I feel good about giving BAR-U-EAT bars to my kids! (That’s rare with a packaged food.)

Oatmeal Raisin bar coming out of the packaging


Beyond taste and health, BAR-U-EAT’s energy bars excel in functionality. They are easy to chew, making them a convenient on-the-go snack for busy folks. The wrappers are compostable, and, as stated before, the whole food ingredients relieve any guilt associated with giving my kids a bar in the car on the way to school! (Some mornings are hard!) I also appreciate that the bars aren’t too crumbly and don’t make a huge mess. They are not covered in chocolate, so they don’t melt in a hot backpack. They stand up quite well to the elements of mountain, on-the-go living!

In conclusion

BAR-U-EAT has successfully crafted energy bars that embody the principles of taste, nutrition, and functionality. As a holistic nutritionist, I appreciate their commitment to using clean and simple ingredients, their yummy flavor offerings, and the genuine care they put into their product. Whether you’re drawn to the wholesome goodness of ‘Oatmeal Raisin’ or the energizing crunch of ‘Coffee Pecan,’ BAR-U-EAT’s energy bars are a testament to the fact that real food, made by real people, can indeed elevate your energy naturally.


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