Steph Kasun

Freeskier, MTN Biker, Paddler, Flyfisher, Really Good Artist

Steph grew up in a small rural town in Wisconsin, surrounded by cows, corn and a 380 foot ski area in Alpine Valley. With the guidance of her father, Steph took on Ski Racing from the age of 7, until eventually pursuing her passion full time in 2013 and moving to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

It was there where she found her first home away from home. Dedicating her time to coaching, working on Race Crew and tuning skis, if Steph wasn't skiing she was either working to ski or talking about skiing. That fiery passion and stoke created a perfect match with Harvest Ski's, creating new opportunities, and the drive to accomplish bigger goals.

Prior to the 2019 Ski Season, Steph packed up her truck with everything she owned, and moved to Bozeman, Montana. Fueled by her love for skiing, Steph has since broken into Freeride ski competitions, and looks to take herself farther than ever before heading into the 2020/21 Ski Season.

Summer does not mean the end of skiing for Steph (31 months of continuous skiing as of April 2020) but it does bring on many more adventures, with nonstop biking, climbing, fly-fishing, whitewater paddling in her ducky, and painting this incredible world! 

Be sure to follow Steph's adventures and check out her super cool art.