Halea Nudy

Endurance Mountain Biker

Downhill mountain biking introduced Halea to the wonderful world of bikes where she fell in love with learning new skills and the adrenaline rush that comes with managing risk vs reward.

Halea has since switched gears to accomplish a new type of skill that challenges her perseverance, endurance, and mental grit — long distance cycling!

On joining our humble little squad of athletes Halea said, "I am ultra proud to be a part of the BAR-U-EAT team! How I fuel my body is very important and essential to my huge goal of being a Leadville 100MTB finisher!"

Follow Halea on all her biking adventures on Instagram.

In 2021, you can find Halea competing in events across Colorado:
12 Hours of Mesa Verde: Grand Mesa, CO - May 8
Tour De Steamboat: Steamboat Springs - July 17
Leadville Trail 100MTB: Leadville, CO - August 15